Guthrie McDonald, Egon Eiermann


The center piece of the exhibition is a pair of used boots slathered with pink paint, an (untitled) artwork by Guthrie McDonald. In the otherwise empty white space, a modernist chair by Egon Eiermann serves as the backdrop for the boots. The chair's sleek lines and minimalist design complement McDonald's bold and colourful piece, creating a striking contrast that is both visually appealing and thought-provoking.
The boots are grounded on the floor, set like an invisible person standing in them, creating a surreal and dreamlike atmosphere. The use of such a bold and bright color in conjunction with heavy work boots creates a powerful contrast that draws the viewer's attention and challenges their perceptions. The color pink itself is often associated with femininity and innocence, but in this context, it takes on a new meaning. By painting such a traditionally masculine and utilitarian object as a work boot pink, McDonald is subverting gender norms and calling into question societal expectations around gender and labour.
Furthermore, the fact that the boots are used adds another layer of complexity to the piece. These boots have clearly seen some wear and tear, suggesting that they have been put to work and have perhaps even played a role in shaping someone's identity or sense of self. By presenting them as an art object, Guthrie McDonald is elevating them to a new level of significance, and inviting the viewer to reflect on the stories and experiences they may represent.

(C. Collins)

17 February 6 PM Opening
18 February—15 March
Saturdays 12—4 PM and by appointment